Technically Green: 5 Environmental Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Laptop

Technically Green: 5 Environmental Benefits Of Buying Refurbished 

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Global warming and the amount of waste we produce are hot topics at the moment. It’s more important than ever to consider our spending choices. If you’re thinking of buying a new computer, you have two options: new or refurbished.

People may not think that buying a new computer is wasteful, and may have thought even less about refurbished computers being an environmentally-friendly option.

But with Australians throwing away 700,000 tonnes of electronic waste each year, it is time to think about the impact of your choices.

Buying a refurbished computer surprisingly has many positive impacts on the environment. How you may ask? Well, let’s take a look.

1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The parts that make up a computer don’t just magically appear in one place, ready to assemble into the perfect technological dream. A considerable amount of raw material is needed to make computers, and these material come from a long and complex supply chain.

All over the world, resources and energy are being used to extract raw materials needed for making computers and then transporting them to the place of production. When buying a new computer, our carbon footprint runs amok.

2. Constant Production = Constant Pollution

We tend to buy a new computer every 2-3 years, which mounts up to a lot of waste! This also means that computers have to keep being manufactured to keep up with demand. Manufacturing creates a lot of bad by-products, such as air and water pollution.

The constant demand for computer production leads to an excessive amount of energy during production. The design, assembly, and shipping of the computer all require power, and this then contributes to the increase in greenhouse gases.

3. A Refurbished Computer Isn't Just for Christmas...

When a computer is refurbished, the computer’s life is extended. Typically a refurbishment involves a factory reset, cleaning, and testing. Add warranty to it and it means there’s a good amount of life left in it!

4. Toxic Waste

When we get rid of our computers, they end up in landfill, and this is devastating for the environment because machines are full of toxic components, such as lead, flame retardants and chromium.

These can cause severe damage to the environment, animals, and humans. Toxic waste can seep into the soil, and contaminate water; posing a serious threat to all that comes in contact with it.

Some may be skeptical about buying a refurbished computer because they’re worried that it may not be up to standard, or that they will have to replace it within a couple of months. But if you buy from a reputable seller, this isn’t going to be the case.

We cannot ignore the damage we are doing to the environment with our reckless spending and throwing habits, but if we give a little more thought into things we buy, we can make significant changes and still reap all the benefits.

So reduce, re-use….and buy a refurbished computer.

22 Jun 2021