Refurbished vs New Laptop – Which Laptop Should You Get?

What Is a Refurbished Laptop?

The definition of a refurbished laptop is that it’s basically the same as new, except for one or more cosmetic defects. While they don’t look brand new, most people aren’t too concerned with how their laptops look.

  • Cheaper than New

You can save about a 30% discount on MSRP when you buy an open box or refurbished product! This means saving money on your purchase and spending less on the monthly bills associated with having internet at home.

If price is important to you, purchasing used could be your best option. No matter what budget you have available, there are always options out there in every price range.

  • Quality Product

Many old laptops are just as good if not better than the new models. Just because something is used, that doesn’t mean it’s broken or malfunctioning in any way! In fact, with most professional-grade products being tested before they’re sold again, you don’t have to worry about them breaking down anytime soon.

These items go through a rigorous inspection and testing process by professionals at the manufacturer’s service center or factory repair shop to ensure quality performance for years the following purchase.

  •  Provides Opportunity For Discounts on Accessories and Additional Savings

When buying a refurbished laptop vs new laptop deals can be much more flexible when it comes to accessories (such as a case) or software bundles (laptop with Microsoft Office or other productivity software).

Cons of a Refurbished Laptop:

While there are many benefits to buying refurbished, it’s important to be aware that some people have had negative experiences. This is why it pays to do your research and make sure you buy from a reputable seller! Some cons associated with refurbished models include:

  • Not As New as the Box Would Have You Believe

While most items sold in this condition would never pass for brand new, they should still look clean and unused without any cosmetic defects (scratches on case/ screen). If the product comes dirty, scratched up, or has been used heavily before being sent back out for sale again; chances are good that someone was unhappy enough to return it.

  • Barely Used

Many people who are looking to buy a refurbished laptop may be doing so because it’s cheaper than a new one. If you find out that the product is barely used and still has plenty of year warranty or even brand new, your expectations might not be met here!

  • Hard drives or solid-state drives (they can’t really be reset to the factory settings)
  • A one-year warranty is recommended.
  • Examine your refurbished laptop.
  • You will be able to tell the difference between certified and refurbished (Amazon’s Certified Refurbished Laptops are certified by qualified manufacturers and third-party refurbishers such as PCRR to ensure that they work and look like new)
  • You don’t have to be a cheapskate when buying a refurbished gift.

21 Feb 2022