About Us

With the advancement of Information Technology nowadays, be it the retails industry, food industry, or even merchandising industry, we as a business provider promise to provide you the solution your business require to better operate in terms of:

Accurate and up-to-date data distribution Help you gather the latest data as a guidance for your business. Improve your business and increase profit.

Accurate stock management Use cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to manage your stock. Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations.

Analyzing business opportunities Help you create new business opportunities for your company. Also, research your customers and competition.

Minimizing the rate of unnecessary resources wastage Help you increase your profit by saving your resources. Reduce your waste, create a better way to apply your resources.

We have been around for more than a year now in the Business Solution Industry – whereby we provide businesses of all industry the system of Inventory Control and also Point-of-Sales System. With the rapid change in the business world today, businesses need to acknowledge, adapt and integrate software into their business as to better perform – Ensuring every piece of information is analysed and the best action is chosen to ensure the business’s competitiveness.

We, the AESOFT TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN. BHD.'s marketing team, have become the solution provider to countless businesses throughout Malaysia. Be it nightclubs, retail outlets, F&B shops, or even simple barbershops, we are nonetheless able to adapt our system to meet the unique requirements of these businesses despite differences in nature. Furthermore, these businesses have no doubt perform much well ever since the implementation of our system – minimizing wastage of resources and able to capture market attention through specific detail analysis.