Inventory System

Inventory system allow user to control stocking, procurement and to keep a track of customer orders. For a business to run efficiently it is important to keep a record of inventory for fulling orders and when needs to be restocking.
Purchase Manager (Procurement)
  • Purchase Requisition (Internal/External)
  • Supplier Quotation (Keep Supplier Pricing)
  • Purchase Order
  • Good Receive Order
  • Purchase Invoice Entry
  • Purchase Return & Debit Note from Supplier
  • Intelligence Procument
  • Production Leads Time Control
Inventory Manger (Stock Control / Warehouse Module) 
  • Opening Stock module
  • Issue Stock
  • Receipt Stock
  • Reserve Stock
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Transfer Stock Physical Stock Count

Sales Manager (SALES Force Module)
  • Customer Quotation Management
  • Delivery Order
  • Sales Order
  • Warehouse Packing List
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Sales Invoice
  • Cash Sales
  • Debit & Credit Note to Customer